Oversize / OverweightTransportation Permits

DOT Transportation Permits for qualified vehicles / loads exceeding legal limits. Select Regional Permits Office based on where trip originates:

North Region Office: (916) 322-1297
South Region Office: (909) 383-4637

 Legal Truck Size & Weight – Legal Truck Access

Legal Truck Size & Weight – (Exemptions)


Commercial Vehicle Operations – Guide 

Documents to Carry

Note: Caltrans is not responsible for authorizing commercial trucks, other than issuing permits for oversize or overweight loads (See legal truck size and weight above ). Topic 1 in are provided to direct customers to the appropriate agencies.

Permits / Licensing / Registration


Special Cargo


 Miscellaneous Operations

 Motor Carrier Services ( CA – DMV)


Truck Routes – Information 



Truck Access


Buses & Motorhomes – Over-Length

Bus & Motorhome – Weight Limitations


CVC 35554. The gross weight on any one axle of a bus shall not exceed 20,500 pounds.

A transit bus has a weight exemption, depending on when the bus was procured, per Assembly Bill 1706 which was chaptered on 9/29/12. See CVC 35554 for details.

Buses & Motorhomes on the Interstates: U.S. Code, Title 23, Section 127 allows buses and motorhomes a maximum single-axle weight of 24,000 pounds while traveling on the interstate routes. See the U.S. Code link for more details.

45′ Bus & Motorhomewith Bike Racks

45′ Bus & MotorhomeMap for Approved & Restricted Routes


Weigh Stations/Enforcement – Facilities




Weigh-in-Motion – Information