memberwelcomeWe are happy to invite you to become a member of Oakland’s leading independent trucking organization.

As a non-profit trade association, WSA serves the needs of Primary Motor Carriers and Independent Owner Operators, shipping lines and terminals, brokers and exporters, and other businesses that make use of container drayage and intermodal shipping in and around the Port of Oakland.

The board and staff of WSA want to make your association with us as beneficial and rewarding as possible. We suggest you take a moment to refer to the membership benefits page for a complete list of the many ways your association with WSA benefits the regional trucking industry in our area as it serves the professional interests of your firm. Then, when you’re ready to join, go to the next tab to complete an interactive membership form.

As I’m sure you know we are at a pivotal time in our industry. Stringent environmental rules, higher levels of Port security, and proposed changes to labor policies create a heightened sense of urgency as we go about our daily business. Our commitment to you–our membership–is to provide the timely information and educational resources you need to make informed decisions that sustain long-term growth for your business and the industry as a whole. You also can count on WSA for industry leadership, a strong collective voice, and effective and highly informed advocacy on your behalf.

While we’re on the subject of dramatic change in our industry, I want to underscore the importance of our role in supporting and promoting safe, clean and green communities in our region. Local companies represented by WSA take an unequivocal stand that we must adopt clean technologies, improve the health of our communities and advance opportunities for economic equity with local hires. Through the policies and practices we promote, WSA is committed to demonstrating that what’s good for our industry is also good for local communities.

Thus, let me again welcome you to West State Alliance and say that we appreciate your interest in joining a body of stakeholders that promotes both good business and good social values for the West Oakland community.

We welcome your interest, we welcome your comments, and we welcome your participation in WSA.

Sincerely yours,
Miguel Silva
President, West State Alliance


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truckersatTWGWest State Alliance founded the Trucker Work Group (TWG) in 2007 as the result of an initiative by independent truckers to improve relations with Port of Oakland administration. The group is co-chaired by a representative each from the Port and from the trucking industry who together select program topics and speakers. TWG 1st Meeting

In its 7 years of existence, TWG has become an exemplary vehicle for communication among drayage truckers and other stakeholders involved in local goods movement. Regular monthly meetings provide Port truckers unprecedented access to information from the Port administration, marine terminal operators, shipping lines and government regulators.

DamianbreenTWG emphasizes a spirit of cooperation among these diverse interests and promotes the resolution of issues in ways that respect the interests of local truckers and the goods movement industry. TWG provides a forum for other community interests to be heard in discussions affecting environmental conditions and the economic and social welfare of West Oakland neighborhoods impacted by Port transportation.

From the beginning, TWG has benefited from a strong relationship with West State Alliance by utilizing our board of directors as the steering and planning committee for program development and co-chair selection. WSA looks forward to developing its leadership in the West Coast trucking industry and utilizing the Truck Work Group as a pivotal element in continuing to improve relations between the Port and the local truckers.

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